About Us  Firestone Studios was formed in 2000. We have always focused on visual effects to enhance our capabilities, and pioneered low light retro-reflective compositing techniques which allowed us to do some cool effects, which we couldn't do on a hard cyc. We were early adopters of High Definition, and bought our first HDCAM Camera in 2002, back when editing in HD was painful. We have done virtually every kind of production, and have produced several projects we are proud of, which have a larger societal impact; including a piece for The National Safety Council''s Alive @ 25 Program, which has been credited with measurably decreasing the number of teen fatalities in car accidents. The developers of the program have credited the dramatic video we produced as a major component of the effectiveness of the program. We are also a company that tries to minimize our environmental impact, with our Virtual Production Stage designed to draw a small fraction of the power used by traditional green screen stages. For Founder Heath Firestone's Bio,

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