Heath Firestone  Heath has been doing film and video production professionally for over twenty years. He has taught six different subjects at The Colorado Film School, as well as the senior level Advanced 2D/3D Compositing for Animation class at The Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, which is now the animation program for Full Sail University. Heath is a Contributing Editor for Post Magazine,TV Technology Magazine, and The Colorado Film & Video Association. He often writes on topics like Motion Capture, and Virtual Production, or technical articles on topics like how codecs work. Heath also Betatests for a number of companies, and is always working on developing new technologies, but he is an artist first, and believes that the story is what really matters, technology is just a tool that adds capabilities to our pallet allowing us to tell our stories in new and interesting ways. Heath has written, produced, directed, or edited (sometimes all of the above), multiple award winning short films, and has several features in various stages of development, which have prompted the creation of his virtual production stage. His skills include Visual Effects Supervisor, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Compositor, Jib Operator, Director of Photography, etc.