Although we do every kind of production, we specialize on visual effects, creating unusual and interesting effects, many of which we haven't seen done before. We have developed a number of technologies and techniques to accomplish this. There are two primary kind of visual effects, the ones which are meant to blend in and be invisible, and the ones that are designed to "Wow", and make people wonder how you did that. We do a lot of both, but some of our best work, you won't see on our effects reel because they are the invisible kind. We use specialty equipment to accomplish some pretty cool effects. We have done several projects where we have shot multiple people on rotating platforms with rotating light grids, in front of a green screen, then have composited the different characters in a 3D environment, where the camera swoops around the group in a tightening spiral, focusing on one particular character with a time-ramp. On another project, we used this same rotating technique with multiple state troopers, morphing each from civilian to trooper, as they swung into frame, seeing the other troopers rotating around the circle behind them. It is a very complex composite, which really has to be seen. In the future, we will have an effects demo reel demonstrating some of these, on this page.
Visual Effects